Chapter Seventeen and 1/2: Color me crazy

Flower lovers! So I announced yesterday that I would be starting The Print Shop and it caused more confusion than I anticipated.  Apologies to all of you who I excited with this awesome little diddy!  For now I am taking it down.  The limited edition prints are my LOVE and I want those of you who have purchased and those of you who plan to purchase to appreciate the paper I take pride in printing on.  It truly is the the most delicious thing you will ever hold in your hand.  Sales pop up here and there (stay tuned for the holidays) and I am working on some new exciting collaborations that I know you will all appreciate.  

Sometimes I get SUPER overzealous and just act.  Yep, even at 41 I can be found to not think before I act.  I just want you ALL to be able to afford my art and be able to enjoy it!  In our world today we are so used to immediate gratification instead of saving up for something special.  And I was trying to give in to that idea.  Alas, after discussing this with those much wiser than myself I recognized that by giving you what you might want right now devalues the limited edition pieces that you could have in a few months if you practice patience (something I need to do as well).  

The notecards will forever be available and I can't wait to show you how beautiful the holiday cards will be.  For those of you who ordered from the print shop, you will be full refunded.  

I hope you can forgive me-as you all know I am an open book and I believe in trying things. I also believe we all learn from our mistakes-and I have made a lot of them.

Lots of love on this Labor Day!


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