Chapter Three: The Bearded Iris

The iris symbolizes many things: faith, wisdom, cherished friendship, hope, valor, my compliments, promise in love, to name a few.  Today I am going to focus on cherished friendship.  Without my friends I would be lost.  I hold them all so very dear to my heart.  I still talk to my oldest friend at least once a week.  She was born two months after me so when I say she is my oldest friend, I mean it.  We grew up within walking distance of each other for the majority of our childhood.  We have had ups and downs as all friendships do. We went to different colleges in different states, moved across country from one another yet we continue to be very close friends.  Most of the girls that were by my side when Byrd was born were childhood friends that flew in from California, New York, Colorado and every corner of Texas.  Girls I have known for at least 20 years were in the room when I was told I had to have an emergency c-section.  Old and new friends both were by my side when I married Brad in New Orleans.  The new friends are just as dear to my heart and play equally important roles in my life.  When I went into labor with Woodson Brad was there to hold my hand as were two of my oldest friends.  When the accident happened we were surrounded by new friends in the ER and were completely overwhelmed by the response we received from many social media friends.  Isn't it interesting that we are friends with each other without ever spending a moment together in person?  Some of you I feel like I have know for my entire life.  And most of my dear friends in Atlanta that are my support system in every way are girls I met through social media.  

We moved to Atlanta in the winter of last year, 2013.  I felt very alone and missed my friends very much.  And then as spring started to show it's beautiful blooms I began to meet my new friends who will one day be old friends as well.  We must remember to cherish the friendships we have, to nurture them and support them just as we would a garden or our children or our significant others.  The wonderful thing about friends, and I mean great friends, is that they are always there for you-even if you don't talk for months or even years.  

Yesterday my mother, who is one of my best friends, told me that a woman who was part of life as a child passed away.  It was the saddest I have been in a long time.  It was the loss of an old friend even though I have seen her in many many years.  I can see her face, I can hear her voice, I can see her looking out her window down on us in her pool.  And I wish I could give her a bouquet of iris.  

Basilius Besler's drawing of three German irises appeared in the Hortus Eystettensis, which was published in 1613.

Basilius Besler's drawing of three German irises appeared in the Hortus Eystettensis, which was published in 1613.





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